Matt Ketmo

I'm a French artist, passionate about drawing since I was a child. As a manga enthusiast, I devoured the Dragon Ball saga, then I ended up turning more to US Comics. My favorite character is undoubtedly the dark Spawn, invented by Todd McFarlane. At that time, I was mainly inspired by the interpretations of Greg Capullo and Angel Medina, the two main artists of this comic book. Until 2008, I improved my pencil stroke by mixing cartoons, street art, manga and American comics superheroes.

After about ten years without making the slightest sketch, it is in 2018, the year I turned 30 (and the year my daughter was born), that I decided to get back to it by seeing other artists at work on YouTube. The first composition that inspired me was the character of Mario about to be eaten by a Piranha plant with Venom's head. This is how I develop a taste for making mashups, that is, drawings that mix several universes or themes.

In 10 years, social networks have multiplied at high speed and many artists have begun to share their work. The Internet is now full of a multitude of resources to learn new techniques and are very inspiring.

And as I like to challenge myself, I wanted to participate in the Inktober 2018 challenge, known by artists from all over the world on social networks. This new experience allowed me to learn how to ink my pencil drawings. I also received a lot of positive feedback on my creations on Instagram. These encouragements motivate me to pursue my passion and constantly improve myself.